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Old Qualifications and Requirements

The club is now using ASA standards. This page describes the former qualifications, which are still valid but are no longer being issued.

A Mate

Qualified to sail any of the NPSC small boats within the NAS Pax, West Basin with another A Mate.

Requirements: Pass oral and written Class A exam including Rules of the Road, Basic Safety, and demonstrate ability to crew in a sailing craft.

Are you ready for the Mate test? If you know the nomenclature, rigging, sails, theory of sailing, tack and jibe maneuvers, the six different points of sail, basic marlinespike seamanship, maneuvering, rules of the road and aids to navigation, then you are ready to take the Mate written exam.

B Small Boat Skipper

Qualified to sail any of the NPSC small boats within the Small Boat area of the Patuxent River. The Small Boat area is defined as the area between the Thomas Johnson Bridge and a line from Drum Point to Fishing Point.

Requirements: Successfully complete the NPSC course for basic sailing. This course includes classroom work, a basic sailing written examination, and on-the-water instruction leading to a practical examination of small boat handling.

While embarked on one of the small boats can you rig the boat, leave the pier, sail on different points of sail, including tacking and jibing? Do you know how to tow, anchor, tie up to and depart from a buoy, recover a man overboard, reef the main, sail with jib alone, main alone, no rudder, and return to pier? If so, you are ready for your B Skipper qualification checkout.

C Intermediate Skipper

An Intermediate Skipper has a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of yacht rules and techniques. Qualified to sail intermediate boats on the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay when weather and conditions allow. C Skippers are required to have had a boat checkout for each Intermediate boat prior to use.

Requirements: Demonstrate a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of handling NPSC intermediate class boats. Demonstrate superior boat handling and sail trimming capability and use of outboard/inboard propulsion, knowledge of lighting equipment, its operation, and requirements. Intermediate Skipper Written Exam and Qualification Check Ride with a Qualified Skipper. Demonstrate a level of proficiency in seamanship, rules of the road (i.e., navigation rules for inland waters), knowledge of local waters, NPSC By-laws, Policies and Procedures. Must be at least 16 years of age.

D Senior Skipper

As a Senior Skipper, you will be eligible to sail the 44' Luders Yawls (Alert and Vigilant). You may sail them both in the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay including all its tributaries.

Requirements: Successfully completes the Senior Skipper requirements that will include maritime Rules of the Road and thorough knowledge of boat systems and equipment. In addition, to attain Senior Skipper you must be recommended by two NPSC senior skippers after an on the water demonstration of skills. These skills include: the ability to take charge of a watch at sea in a variety of circumstances, understanding simple first aid and lifesaving, including recovery of man overboard, basic damage control, knowledge of diesel engines, and electrical systems, handling a yacht competently under sail and/or power in confined waters, getting underway, coming alongside berth, picking up mooring, and anchoring, securing a yacht after mooring, and radio-telephone operation and utilization. Additionally, Senior Skippers are required to successfully complete the Coast Guard or USPS Safe Boating Course (or equivalent), CPR certification, and log a minimum of 20 hours of sailing as crew aboard Alert or Vigilant. Must be at least 16 years of age.

The following provisional ratings lead up to Senior Skipper qualification:

D3 Senior Skipper in Training

Qualified to command NPSC large sailing yachts within the Patuxent River during daylight hours.

D2 Daylight Senior Skipper

Qualified to command NPSC large sailing yachts within the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries during daylight hours.

D1 Senior Skipper

Qualified to command, but not race, NPSC large sailing yachts within the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries during all hours.

E Master Skipper

Qualified to command large sailing yachts in coastal waters under any weather condition. Qualification is handled by the U.S. Naval Sailing Association (USNSA).