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Luders Yawl

Alert, a fiberglass Luders yawl.

In 1939, the Luders Marine Construction Company designed a 44 foot yawl for use as the United States Naval Academy's sail training craft, and twelve mahogany yawls were delivered to Annapolis by 1943. Starting in 1963, these were replaced by twelve fiberglass yawls, which were basically identical to the wooden boats, with the exception of a new cabin layout, aluminum spars, and an inboard diesel engine. Four fiberglass yawls were also built for the Coast Guard Academy.

When the wooden yawls were replaced in the 1960's, the Academy got rid of the old wooden boats, many of which came into use at MWRs and Navy sailing clubs, including Patuxent River's. Starting in 1987, when the Academy received the newly designed Navy 44s, the fiberglass boats were given away. Pax River's MWR received two, Alert and Vigilant, which we still race and cruise regulary. Alert took 2nd place and Vigilant took 3rd in the PHRF N class of the 2004 Maryland Governor's Cup Race.

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Luders 44 Drawings & Documents

Deck & Rigging
Systems Accomodations
(Fiberglass Yawl)
(Wooden Yawl)
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 United States Naval Academy 44 Foot Luders Yawl Standard Operating Procedures


Luders 44 Dimensions

Fiberglass Yawl
LOA (Length Overall) 44' 2 ½"
LWL (Load Waterline Length) 30' 1"
Max. Beam 11' 1"
Draft 6' 2"
Mast Height (deck to masthead) 52' 3"
Displacement 24,800 lbs
Keel Ballast 9,850 lbs
Sail Area 1050 ft²
Disp - Len Ratio 406.0
Sail Area - Disp Ratio 19.7
Limit of Positive Stability (LPS) 130°
Wooden Yawl
LOA 44'
LWL 30'
Max. Beam 10' 7"
Draft 6'
Mast Height (deck to masthead) 52' 3"
Displacement 23,400 lbs
Keel Ballast 9,000
Sail Area 980 ft²
Disp - Len Ratio 386.9
Sail Area - Disp Ratio 19.1
Limit of Positive Stability (LPS) unknown